• Trainer/Fitness Instructor

As an actor, fitness is something that has always been a part of Alison’s life, and she is constantly looking to new ways to better herself both physically and mentally.

In her quest, Alison has found running to be one of her favourite ways to get fit and zone in to a focused mind. Learning to let go of expectations, push herself and take it easy on her body when neccessary, are what has kept Alison striving to be the best runner she can be.

Running is something very special to Alison’s heart, especially after completing her first Half Marathon at her favourite place on earth: Walt Disney World! She is so excited to share her passion with the community at La Femme Strong.

Alison is a CanFitPro Personal Trainer Specialist, and POUND Instructor.


“Alison is a great instructor, really welcoming and helpful!”

“The coach is incredibly supportive and encouraging. I’ve never pushed myself this hard.”