• Pilates Instructor

Lindsey began her post-secondary education in Photography at Ryerson University, but after skipping too many lectures to attend ballet classes instead, she realized she was much better suited to physical movement than still images.

Pilates became the perfect cross-training tool to intensive dance training and motion of any kind. Developing the body awareness associated with the isolated movements of Pilates enriched the neuromuscular control necessary for precise technique and choreography. Knowing how important it was for her personal practice and seeing how it could benefit EVERYONE, Lindsey attended the Body Harmonics Matwork Teacher Training Program in hopes of passing on the same brain-body connection crucial for both athletic and everyday movement.

Lindsey’s classes focus equally on strength, mobility and a whole lot of glute power! Oh, and a great playlist of course.


“Challenging and fun – great instructor!”

“Lindsey was very knowledgable, gave clear instruction and provided an enjoyably challenging class.”